Welcome to the universe of wedding. You are going to live one of the most beatiful day of your life ! Here are some advice that will help you to prepare your wedding and also to save money so are you ready to organize a fairy-tale wedding ?

After choosing the model of the wedding announcement, the format, the colours, even the images, and the typeface, it is time to start writing the text which announces the event. Even if you want to stand out with a personalized and original cardboard, the text often remains solemn. Let’s keep in mind that it must meet 2 objectives: to inform about the future alliance, and to invite the relatives to the ceremony…


In order to immortalize the most beautiful moments of your wedding.


Call upon a caterer who will know how to tickle your guests taste buds.


Wedding flowers for a beautiful decoration and a chic and seductive bridal bouquet.


Your wedding planner will take care of everything and ensure the planning of the day.


Some brides and grooms are ready for a trendy new wedding photo session: the “day after” session. The bride and groom have to put on their clothes for the big day, the bridegroom puts on her sublime wedding dress again and the groom puts on his suit.

In order to capture the atmosphere of the big day, the young bride also goes through the hair and make-up artist to be the most beautiful once again. This session takes place in the days or weeks following the wedding. There are no precise rules on the date… It’s up to you! It is the opportunity to take pictures in a relaxed atmosphere and in a place that was not possible on your wedding day. Some of the places that are close to your heart may be far away from the city where you are celebrating your wedding, but they can still be very important in your personal history.

When you start preparing for a wedding, the first question to ask yourself is the theme and colours of the decoration. This will allow you to achieve the decoration in a coherent way.

For simple and elegant table decoration, opt for simple and natural colours. Simply place white tablecloths on your tables and you will create a very pure and chic wedding decoration.

The most important thing in decoration is the light. Well-managed lighting guarantees a successful event. Lighting is essential to give meaning to your ceremony.


The traditional white wedding dress symbolizes purity. Nowadays, there are various types of dresses, each with its own particularity. The luxurious princess wedding dress, for example, has a lace bustier that is tightened at the waist by lacing and widened downwards by a large white skirt. The mermaid wedding dress has a small feature that may not be seen at first glance, it is its heart-shaped bustier. This dress, of the close body type does not adapt to all morphologies .

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