The wedding organization

Seating arrangement: why it is essential for a serene and convivial wedding ?

While some brides and grooms allow their guests to settle in as they please, others prefer to guide their guests with a carefully laid out seating plan. In any case, it is in the interest of the bride and groom…

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How to choose your caterer ?

Food is one of the elements of the party that guests remember best. Therefore, choosing a wedding caterer is of paramount importance to the organization. It is therefore quite legitimate to worry about this part of the event. Those who…

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How to choose your DJ ?

It is important to insert a good musical entertainment in the atmosphere of a party, whatever the event. For this, you need a good DJ who will know how to create an unforgettable atmosphere that will make the party last…

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Baby-sitting: the essential services for a quiet day on the D-day

In order to enjoy a quiet day at your wedding, it is important to choose a few essential providers in order to obtain a ceremony worthy of the name. It is then necessary to know how to choose the necessary…

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How to find a cheap and original photographer?

To properly memorize a particular event, the skill of a professional photographer who takes pictures at all the occasions that arise during the party is necessary. If the event is a wedding, your most charming moment as well as your…

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