Before the wedding

tasks to tackle before your wedding day

Building the foundation: Tasks to tackle before your wedding day

The journey to saying “I do” is an exhilarating rollercoaster of emotions and meticulous planning. As you dive into the world of wedding preparations, it’s crucial to lay a solid foundation to ensure your big day unfolds seamlessly. From securing…

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wedding dress

Can you add tulle to a wedding dress?

If you’re looking to add a little bit of extra flair to your wedding dress, you might want to consider adding some tulle! Tulle is a lightweight, airy fabric that can add volume and dimension to your dress. It’s also…

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Wedding announcement

The wedding announcement is one of the most important tools in the preparation of a wedding. Sharing invitations helps couples to know the estimated expenses for their wedding. In this article, you will find the budget for the creation of…

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Hen party: how to organize a wellbeing day between girls ?

The hen party is a unique day for the bride. During this moment, the young woman experiences her last adventures that she will not have to face when she puts the ring on her finger. This tradition has existed for…

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Hen party: the essential activities for an unforgettable party

The hen party is a good moment you can spend with your friends. Before the d-day, the bride-to-be enjoys one last crazy adventure with her loved ones. The goal during this occasion is to have the most fun possible. To…

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Hen party : how to hire a stripper?

Is your best friend getting married soon? And you’re the one in charge of organising her bachelorette party. So you’re probably wondering what to do so that she can make the most of her day and get out of her…

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Stag party: what kind of activities to do ?

A young girl and a young boy both have to live a great adventure before their wedding day. Indeed, passing the rings on their fingers turns out to be a moment that will forever change the course of their lives….

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Would you be happy if someone offers you boxes and gift sets for your wedding ?

It is sometimes difficult to find gifts for newlyweds because there are currently billions of possible gifts. Most of these gifts become quite classic and standard and do not suit the taste of the newlyweds. On the other hand, you…

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Wedding vows: some tips to write sincere and poetic vows

The exchange of vows is undoubtedly the most touching moment in the wedding ceremony. This is especially true when the bride and groom have decided to write personal vows that are both sincere and poetic. Nevertheless, writing vows can quickly…

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