The hen party is a good moment you can spend with your friends. Before the d-day, the bride-to-be enjoys one last crazy adventure with her loved ones. The goal during this occasion is to have the most fun possible. To give the most fun and create beautiful memories, preparing for various challenges can be very effective.

Why pledge?

During the preparation of a wedding, stress can rise when the big one is close. The desire to manage everything down to the last detail is every bride's problem. The EVJF is an opportunity to get away from it all with family and familiar friends. Plus, it may be the bride-to-be's last chance to act crazy without being judged.  In order to spice up this episode as much as possible, fun games are organized. They are not just for the bride, everyone can have the chance to participate in the challenges. The EVJF activities are the best way for each participant to get to know each other better. But it is also a good opportunity to make memorable souvenirs.

The ideal places

In the pledges presented during the EVJF, the goal is to humiliate the bride and the participants without going overboard. Each animation must be able to bring joy and laughter to everyone. The ideal way to achieve this goal is to perform the challenges in places where everyone can see the follies you do. It depends on whether your FYDT is going to take place during the day or in the evening. During the day, go to the beach, restaurants, etc. in the most crowded hours. In the evening, visit the clubs. However, your budget must be taken into account.  Even being just in the street, it is feasible to create a good atmosphere with the right pledge. The principle will remain the same, find the most spectators for more fun.

Types of pledges

The challenges to be faced in a CFVS are quite numerous. This will be your only opportunity to ask the bride-to-be to do whatever comes to mind. So take advantage of it. From the most humiliating to the least humiliating, everyone must go through it. A show in the street or a dance on the bar counter, anything goes. The problem with this kind of activity is the people's reactions. They may get angry or have a lot of fun. The use of disguises is also effective in marking the end of a bachelor's life. All costumes are allowed. From the cutest with animal disguises to the most vulgar accoutrements, it depends on the theme of the event. The use of sensual gadgets is also very trendy at the moment.