The exchange of vows is undoubtedly the most touching moment in the wedding ceremony. This is especially true when the bride and groom have decided to write personal vows that are both sincere and poetic. Nevertheless, writing vows can quickly become a tedious task. So overwhelmed are the emotions that it is hard to express what you feel. We will then focus on the following on how to write sincere and poetic vows.

Writing Wedding Vows: All the Basics

Much more than a simple consent, the exchange of vows is the moment when all the relatives become witnesses to the love uniting the married couple and to their commitment. Thus, when writing, we might as well rely on sincerity instead of using sophisticated literary language to make the message deeper and more touching. Likewise, there is no need to deal with so-called "clich├ęd" feelings, i.e. to talk about something that never existed. For example, if you haven't fallen in love at first sight with your loved one, you don't need to talk about it in your vows. Honesty is therefore the key word when it comes to writing vows. Having said that, before proceeding with the actual writing, it's best to take the time to ask yourself a few questions: How did you feel when you met him or her? What appealed to you most about him/her? How do you feel in his or her company? What promises do you want to make to him/her? Why couldn't you live without him/her? How do you see your future together? Etc.

Concoct poetic vows to enhance your feelings.

If you are a literary enthusiast and want to tell him how you feel without having to talk about yourself, writing a poem is the best solution. Give free rein to your creativity and inspiration to make beautiful rhymes through which you will express what you feel. In this way, your loved one will be overwhelmed by your talents. If you can't find the words, you can draw inspiration from the masterpieces of a famous poet. In any case, the aim is to evoke your true feelings, but not to show your soul mate your passion for literature. In such cases, it is recommended that you write an explicit and simple poem, so that the message can correspond to what you really feel.

Writing poetic and heartfelt greetings: rely on quotations

To write wedding vows that are both sincere and poetic, you can select a quote. This quote is one of the elements on which your writing will be based. Just make sure that the quote you choose is simple and understandable. Note, however, that for your wishes to be personal and sincere, you must write them in your own words. If possible, when using a quote or also a metaphor, see if you can rework it in a style that reflects you.