The wedding announcement is a must if you want to unite with the love of your life. It is used to announce the news and to invite your loved ones, friends and family for the ceremony and the meal. It will also give the guests a first glimpse of the tone of your wedding. While preparing your announcement you may want to include a reply coupon in your invitation.

The usefulness of the reply coupon

If the wedding announcement is a tool that allows you to notify your guests about the event, the wedding announcement reply coupon is a tool that allows your guests to confirm or not their presence. It will make the task easier for your loved ones. They will no longer have to write the announcement of their presence or the impossibility of going to the event, since they simply fill it out. The reply coupon therefore allows the bride and groom to get a precise answer about their guests. They can therefore prepare their ceremony in peace and quiet. If an answer by telephone is likely to be forgotten, the reply coupon is traceable. So think of sending with your wedding announcement a wedding reply coupon. If you write your invitation yourself, take some examples of wedding announcement text in Monfairepart and some wedding announcement templates.

The information to enter

Give your guests a deadline for returning the reply coupon. If you don't specify it, some people may forget to confirm their presence. Make sure to clearly mark the deadline for sending the reply in your wedding announcement text. Put a blank space on the coupon for your guests to fill in their first and last names. Propose the choice between yes and no in the form of check boxes. For example: We deeply regret not being able to be present to see you say YES; You can count on us to see you say YES. Ask your relatives to mention the number of people who will be present. And finally, write your address on the wedding announcement or on the reply coupon so that your loved ones can return the coupon.

Form of presentation

Choose a medium that is easy to write on. Don't use glossy paper and plastic coupons, which can cause soiling. Your reply coupon must be matched with the wedding announcement. By seeing the colour and style of your announcement and coupon, your friends will certainly follow the theme of your wedding.