The wedding announcement is a foretaste of what will happen on the day. It is used both to officially announce the union and to invite guests to attend the ceremony. Written in a courteous and personalized manner, the announcement must include certain information. But what exactly are they?

Mandatory information on the wedding announcement

The wedding announcement should include all relevant information on the course of the ceremony and the identity of the bride and groom. The surnames and forenames of the bride and groom as well as their contact details must appear first. The date of the wedding and the times are also important elements to be specified in the announcement. The same applies to the place of reception. For a good organization, the bride and groom should also indicate the date of response on the invitation. This helps determine which guests will attend the event. On, discover customised invitation templates.

Optional mentions

Some information may also appear on the wedding announcement. Their choice should be made with care to avoid drowning the recipients in a mass of useless information. This information includes the bride and groom's website, and the plan. The latter becomes mandatory if the reception venue is really in the middle of nowhere or difficult to find. The dress code can also appear on the announcement through a dominant colour or a particular accessory. It underlines the wedding theme.

The text of the wedding announcement

As far as the wedding announcement content is concerned, it must be personalised. According to tradition, the announcement must be made in the name of the grandparents or parents of the bride and groom. However, this custom is less respected nowadays. If the couple already has children, the names of the descendants can introduce the invitation. Among other things, several people choose to match the text of the announcement with the wedding theme (with puns or winks, for example). In any case, each couple is free to personalise their invitations according to their own personality. However, it should not be forgotten that the invitation can have an influence on the image of the bride and groom. Moreover, if there is a lack of information, the invitation is likely to be criticised by the guests. If the couple has any doubts about the ability to write or personalise the invitation, they can call in a professional.