Food is one of the elements of the party that guests remember best. Therefore, choosing a wedding caterer is of paramount importance to the organization. It is therefore quite legitimate to worry about this part of the event. Those who have been there will confirm this to you. This article summarizes the few basic rules you need to know before hiring a caterer. Here we pay special attention to the importance of customer reviews on the internet.

Choosing a caterer: some basic rules to know

First of all, it is important to know that word of mouth is effective in this type of case. Food is like a religion among the French. If they have eaten well, they talk about it! So remember to check the reputation of the caterers on your list of choices with those who have hired them before. Secondly, never hesitate to ask questions about the products on offer. A good caterer who is confident in his talent and products will not hide anything from you. Where do his products come from? How are the dishes prepared? How far in advance are they cooked? His answers will give you an idea of the quality of the cuisine on offer. Third, consider the size and style of the event. Do you need a family-oriented caterer or a large wedding factory? Finally, never underestimate the importance of tasting. It is a guarantee that it will be a service "to your taste".

The importance of online customer reviews

Like word-of-mouth, customer opinions on the internet play a decisive role in the choice of the caterer to hire. This is also true for any other type of business. Satisfied customers like to speak highly of the quality of the services and products they have received. This is a well-known fact. The comments left by customers on the Internet about a caterer and its services are an inexhaustible source of help in making your choice.

Beware, not all reviews are reliable

It should not be forgotten that customer reviews on the internet are a real sales vector for companies that are present on the web. This is why many of them do not hesitate to use what is called "false negative reviews". This is an illegal practice of leaving unwarranted negative comments online about competing companies in order to reduce their market share. The reverse is also possible: some companies hire several people to write positive comments. Take the time to check the claims.