While some brides and grooms allow their guests to settle in as they please, others prefer to guide their guests with a carefully laid out seating plan. In any case, it is in the interest of the bride and groom to create a seating plan so that each guest can enjoy a serene and convivial meal. Although this step is not necessarily the easiest to go through, it is nevertheless of crucial importance.

Because a seating arrangement helps to guide the guests

One of the last steps in the preparation process is the establishment of a seating plan, which can quickly turn out to be a tedious task. But even if it is, a wedding seating plan is the best way to guide and accompany the guests to their place. That being said, as soon as they arrive, they will of course be assured that their place is already reserved. What's more, each guest will no longer have to search and ask questions such as "where am I going to sit? "Where will I sit?", "Who will I sit next to? etc.", etc. In concrete terms, there is nothing more unpleasant than sitting next to someone you don't even know or like at a wedding.

Because a seating arrangement helps to avoid the mess

Making a seating plan also means avoiding a real mess on the big day. For example, visual clutter due to clothes or things placed everywhere by the guests with a view to reserving seats. Or people of the indecisive type who place themselves on a table and move to another place, couples who are forced to separate due to lack of space. And finally, those who arrive late and find themselves obliged to sit next to someone they don't like, guests who are going to find themselves standing during the meal...

Because a seating arrangement allows each guest to make the most of the day

Please note that for a serene and convivial meal, the creation of a table plan is inevitable. Through it, the future bride and groom can ensure that this or that person is not alone and not far from their loved ones who are settled somewhere and with whom they would like to be. With this type of plan, one can either place several people who know each other very well and who get along perfectly around each table so that they can take full advantage of it, or mix guests who have affinities in order to create beautiful encounters and also to encourage exchanges.